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What You Need To Know About China’s Jewelry Market There has been a significant change in the export of jewelries when China changed its trade policy. This has made the country the go to country when it comes to jewelry wholesale. Both fine jewelry craftsman and suppliers can be found in China. China’s wholesale jewelry market is growing because it has the most competitive prices. If you want an easy to deal with jewelry wholesaler, Chinese are one of those. It is these wholesalers that carry the cost of the customs documentation as well as the shipping fee. The process would be much easier if you deal with them online. It is in China that you will find how dynamic the jewelry market is. The wholesale trade works very fast. The worldwide market in jewelry is not being shared with the Asian countries. The best position ion the global market is now being targeted by china. It is china that provides aggressive prices and fast manufacturing of jewelries. Any form of jewelry can be caressed by Chinese manufactures. When you go to a usual jewelry store, you will notice that the prices are a bot high. These are the stores that has all the expenditures of the traditional business. Online wholesaler in china on the other hand, doesn’t have to deal with all of those things. Their will be lower prices because of these advantages. Just like the long history of china, jewelry making also has a very long history. Five thousand years ago was the start of the jewelry making in the country. This has been a key in spreading the spread of Buddhism. It is in China’s jewelry that you can see that the symbols of Buddhism still lives on.
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Men and women both wears jewelries and it is considered as the most common. Women wear a pair of earrings while men used to wear one. Chinese loves wearing earrings even up to this day. They are commonly made from silver, jade ad pearl.
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In the past, woman also wore gold bands on their forehead. Some of their favorite jewelries are bracelets and rings. The amulets are one of the most important jewelries for the Chinese. There is value in it because of its beauty. If there are evil spirits, these amulets are believed to protect them. These amulets usually have different symbols on them. The dragon is considered as the most common symbol. The phoenix is considered as another common symbol for Chinese jewelries. Turtles, birds and other animals are also used as symbols. In order to enhance the beauty of the jewelry, they are sometimes paced with dried feathers. As a main material for their jewelries, silver rather than gold is much preferred by them. They will then add precious stones on them.

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